Space Satellite Architect

Provide Subject Matter Expertise to customers and Corporate programs regarding satellite bus architectures and selection Support pursuit and capture, requirements definitions, bus architecture development, and payload design and integration Respond to customer requests Support proposal efforts to prepare and document bus information for customers Support new business pursuits for both commercial and government customers Experience with defining and evaluating bus architecture to ensure customer needs are met, is preferred.
Ability to coordinate between bus providers and customers to evaluate architectures and identify customer solutions is preferred.
Current understanding of working with satellite bus designs and/or production is preferred.
Current understanding of satellite subsystems including data handling, attitude control, electrical power, mechanical subsystems, payloads, etc.
, is preferred.
Current understanding of various satellites available from various providers and the associated features is preferred.
Current understanding of integrating satellite payload onto satellites and launch vehicles is preferred.
Ability to evaluate requirements and identify an appropriate satellite bus to fit the requirements is preferred.
Ability to coordinate with various stakeholders in the integration planning process is preferred.
Ability to interact directly with customer community is preferred.

Don't Be Fooled

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